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Experience + Focus + Objectivity + Service

Our broad knowledge of the investment industry combined with our business experience gives us a distinct edge in managing portfolios.

Broad-based knowledge and experience: Our executives not only have the academic credentials to act as portfolio managers, but also benefit from significant financial backgrounds in investment and corporate banking, stock and bond trading, as well as hands-on experience operating real businesses. This unique and multiple skills-set encompasses both the quantitative analytical tools and the qualitative business judgment needed to better assess investments opportunities for our clients.

Focused on core strengths: We stay focused on what we do best: seeking out attractive investment opportunities in Canadian equities and fixed income securities. By being located in Canada, we are better able to research, perform due diligence and visit domestic companies, as well as meet regularly with management in order to properly monitor our investments. We think like entrepreneurs and act as shareholders.

Objective independence and aligned interests: As independent portfolio managers, we are totally free of the conflicts of interest that plague much of the financial services industry where the primary goal is to sell investors products that generate fees and commissions. Our investment decisions are completely unbiased. They are based solely on the merits of generating attractive returns with as little risk as possible for our clients. Our interests are also fully aligned with our clients’ since our money is invested in the same portfolio holdings as our clients’.

High level of personalized service: We pride ourselves in providing a high level of personalized service. Members of our team are accessible at any time to meet with clients to discuss their investments and their evolving needs.