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Trusted for Generations

Our business is built on a foundation of trust
and how well we perform for clients.

Founded in 1986, Lester Asset Management is a well-established and fully licensed Montreal-based discretionary portfolio management firm focused on Canadian equities and fixed income securities. We serve hundreds of high net worth individuals, multi-generational families, trusts, estates, investment holding companies, foundations, and select institutions, and have a fiduciary responsibility to always act in our clients’ best interest.

Our mission is to preserve and grow our clients’ financial wealth through responsible portfolio management so that they meet their investment objectives. Our commitment to a high level of personalized services also ensures we help clients meet their evolving needs.

We are fully licensed as discretionary portfolio managers and are registered with regulatory authorities such as the AMF (Quebec), OSC (Ontario), ASC (Alberta Securities Commission), and BCSC (British Columbia).

Our firm is owned and managed by three seasoned financial industry veterans: 
J. Anthony Boeckh – Chairman; Stephen Takacsy – President & CEO, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager; and Jordan Steiner – Chief Compliance Officer and Portfolio Manager.